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2nd Annual Toloha Water Walk

Register now to join us on March 22 in Kinston!

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our 2nd Annual Toloha Water Walk.  This experience will be one that we hope you never forget.  Our goal is that it will be a day that brings change to the lives of at least 10,000 people in and around Toloha and to every participant at the Water Walk.

“We walk so they don’t have to!”

What is a Water Walk? It is a walk to collect water.  The people of Toloha, Tanzania (and millions of others around the world) do not have the luxury of turning on a tap and water gushing forth.  Saturday, March 22 (World Water Day!) will be a day that we can get a glimpse at what the women and children of Toloha experience on a daily basis – a water walk.

But it is MORE than that!  We don’t want to just know what it is like, we want to CHANGE the lives of the people in Toloha.  By participating in the water walk you will have an opportunity to raise funds to help install a gravity fed water system to bring water to the people in the village. Everyone who registers, will have their own fundraising campaign page to make raising support simple and easy!

Do you want to know more: Click here to visit the Water Walk Page right here on our new website!

Click the link below to register Now:


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