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Arrival in Tanzania!

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We landed after a smooth trip – 27 hours so far. Little sleep but BIG smiles! Leyton met us at airport with 4 vehicles and a few familiar faces from last year. We loaded ALL bags (no missing bags!) and split up to head to the hotel about a 30 minute drive from the airport in Kilimanjaro. It is pretty quiet out because it is 3 or so in the morning here!  We are tired from two LONG (but smooth) flights. Seating on flights was perfect. Actually our whole group truly is “perfectly” designed by God. Tonight, we are in a very adequate hotel. We will shop tomorrow for supplies (AND BIBLES!) and stay one more night in Moshi before heading to Toloha on Wednesday. Thanks for prayers. No doubt, God is doing this. Thank you for letting us be here and for praying continually for His will each day. We praise Him. O sifuni...

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Prayer Guide for the Vision Team

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Today at noon, the Vision Team left Kinston and began the journey to Toloha, Tanzania. It is amazing to think that within days our team will get to see with their own eyes the new pipe in Toloha. This trip will be so much different than the last one now that the hope of clean water is becoming a reality to the villagers (Read a little about the 2014 trip here, and the 2013 trip here, here, here, and here). We are so excited to share with you first hand about what’s happening in Toloha for the next month. In the meantime, we have a request. Last Sunday, our Vision Team was commissioned by Grace Fellowship Church. We would like to ask for anyone who would like to join them in prayer to pray for these specific things. We will be posting specific requests over the next few days. First, we have some requests regarding the water project. Please pray for the water project: God would guide Burt, Perry, and their team as they assess and construct the spring-fed pipeline and as they assess other infrastructure needs of the village. Villagers would feel a sense of their worth to God and to us as they partner with us in the construction of the pipeline. Dealings with the government officials and village leadership would be free from dissension and controversy and that the water project would help to create goodwill and unity among all parties for God’s glory. The repair of the intake area would proceed smoothly and efficiently. God would provide clean and healthy water to the village soon but within His perfect timing.  Thank you so much for your prayers! If you would like to receive special prayer requests and updates during the trip, please fill out the form below. “For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.”I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” II Cor 6:2 Receive 2014 Vision Team Trip updatess * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last...

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We’re going back!

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It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we sent the first team to Toloha Village. All we knew at that point was the villagers needed water and we wanted to help! God has done A LOT in just a year. We now have definite plans to pipe water in from a mountain stream with a budget of ~$170,000. We held a fundraising banquet and auction in November raising $35,000. In March we held our 2nd annual Water Walk and had over 150 participants from across the community raising $28,000! We’ve seen many individuals both young and old be moved by the story of Toloha. People across this community have caught the vision for Toloha and are passionately praying, working and fundraising for the people in the village. With a year like that behind us, we cannot wait to see what God has in store this year as our second team boards a plane in less than a week to begin the journey to Toloha. As most of you already know, Toloha Partnership is, in part, a water project.  And yes, we are bringing them clean water and most of our fundraising efforts (Water Walk and Banquet) are going toward a water pipeline.  But, the real heartbeat of Toloha Partnership goes deeper than water – our heart’s desire is not just to bring the people physical water but to tell them about Jesus.  This year as the team goes to Toloha they are still working to bring the villagers clean water BUT they are really focused on the people – on building relationships, listening to their stories, telling them about Jesus and casting vision for the future development of the village.  Our partnership with the village of Toloha is a long term partnership, not just a water project we do for a few years and then move on. Over the past 2 months the vision/travel team has been meeting at least every other week to cast vision, pray, study, plan and fellowship.  This has been so valuable – the team has been walking through a video series of what poverty is through a Christian worldview and how to address it in a way that empowers the people and gives a hand up rather than a hand out. With all of our current budget directed toward the water pipeline, each team member has raised their own financial support and thanks to the creativity of many, a ministry budget has also been raised. A separate team has been working diligently to figure out just how we can effectively share the truth of the Gospel with a people of a different language and culture. Thanks to the ministry budget, the team now has access to many resources in Swahili that will help them to proclaim the Gospel!  We have solar powered MP3 players with the Bible and expository teaching in Swahili, we have Swahili tracts, we have the Jesus Film in Swahili and we have access to Bibles in Swahili. Going to Toloha is pretty uncharted territory but God has been so faithful to confirm and to lead us to this point and we have no doubt that he will continue to do so.  We do not know what every minute or hour will hold as we go to Toloha, but we certainly know who holds each of those minutes and hours.  We are thrilled, and a little nervous, for what is ahead.  We would truly appreciate your prayers as we go. We will be posting a prayer list right here within the next few days. You can also...

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