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The Wait is OVER!!!

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Bringing clean water to Toloha has proven to be a test of patience for all parties involved. Toloha Partnership has been actively seeking to bring clean water to Toloha for over 2 years, Daniel has been working in the U.S. to accomplish this for over 10 years and some of the villagers of Toloha have been waiting their entire lives. The wait is now over! The hard labor is about to begin. A “lorry” (a.k.a. a delivery truck) carrying 2 km (1.24 miles) of pipe is on its way to Toloha as I am writing this. I cannot express the emotions that our board, Daniel or the people of Toloha are feeling right now. God is so good. God has remembered the village. The fact that we did not meet our initial goal of breaking ground in January just means our human calculations are nothing compared to God’s timing. God knows what he is doing here and He has been working all these years to show his immeasurable compassion and grace to the people of Toloha, Daniel, and every single person involved in this initiative. Thank you! Today, we want to thank you all. Every person who has prayed, given money, gotten out there to fundraise, carried water, travelled to Toloha from Germany, the US, Dar es Salaam, repaired the pipe for so many years, shared with us your hopes and dreams and kept them alive all these years. God has worked through all of you! And this does not stop with water. God is pouring the water of eternal life into Toloha. Praise God with Us! Please take a moment with us today and praise God for what has and is happening in Toloha! Praise the Lord! We give all the glory to God! We will be sharing photos of the pipes and the work being done soon, so please check back! Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the comment section below! We would love to hear from...

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Daniel’s Story Part 2 – The Road from Tanzania to the USA!

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As a young man, Daniel felt a deep obligation to help his mother and father who were continuing to struggle in the Toloha village in Tanzania.  After Daniel completed his secondary education, his brother encouraged him to pursue a job and send money home rather than returning to the village.  Daniel started working at Mkwaja Ranch for a prominent British family and quickly earned the respect of his boss. Daniel was a valued and trusted employee and was promoted and transferred several times.     During that time, some of Daniel’s friends decided to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery.  The Diversity Visa Lottery is a program sponsored through the US Government, which offers 55,000 permanent residence US visas yearly to individuals from countries with low US immigration.  Daniel did not know much about the program but filled out the application along with his friends and sent it in with no real hope of anything more.  Over a year later Daniel received a very large packet in the mail from the New Hampshire Visa Center.  Daniel immediately opened it and tried to read it but he had very poor English so he was not able to understand it.  A friend read it to him and he realized it was a chance to go to the USA! Even with this amazing opportunity before him, the requirements for a visa still seemed impossible for Daniel. His friends did not think he was going to be able to make it happen. And he didn’t – God did! There were visa fees, a medical exam and a large sum of money that had to be paid in order for him to attain the visa. The other option was to find a sponsor – someone in the USA to agree to help him financially if needed. Daniel did not know anyone in the USA.  He tried desperately to locate a sponsor but he had no contacts in the USA to aide him.  It was discouraging, but he just could not let himself give up.  With the visa application deadline only a few months away, Daniel was in town working when he ran into the brother of his friend Joshua, who Daniel knew in high school. The brother told Daniel that Joshua was in the USA! The brother was in a hurry and quickly wrote down Joshua’s email address for Daniel and then ran off.  The Internet was not available in many places, so while in town, Daniel took the opportunity to send Joshua an email. He told Joshua about his opportunity to come to the USA, but described all the obstacles he was facing – they money it required and leaving his wife and child in Tanzania. Joshua responded and said he would help find a sponsor for Daniel.  Within a few weeks, Joshua had found Daniel a sponsor in the United States! Now the deadline was less than one month away, so Daniel immediately took the completed paperwork and went to the US Embassy.  He didn’t have an appointment, but surprisingly Daniel was allowed to meet with the US consular.  Daniel entered the office, and the consular said, “Are you ready to go to the USA?” Daniel stood in awe as the consular stamped his paperwork and handed them back to Daniel. Daniel’s visa was approved for entry to the USA!  Daniel walked out of the embassy with such excitement and disbelief, and then as he was leaving, he heard orders for everyone to immediately leave the US Embassy. The date was September 11, 2001. Daniel later learned about the attack on twin towers...

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Daniel’s Story

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Pictured above: Daniel, his wife and 2 sons. Photo by Lindsay Corrigan About one month ago, anyone who googled “Toloha” would get nothing from the search engine related to Toloha, Tanzania – not even on Google maps. And now, this www.TolohaPartnership.org is the first or second link leading to the village of Toloha, and our Facebook page is the next – gotta love the world wide web!  Our team would like to take this opportunity to introduce the world to Toloha and share why we love the people there so much.  It all started with Daniel. Daniel’s story is amazing, and there is so much to share that we are going to break it up into parts. Part 1 is all about Daniel’s childhood. Daniel Makoko was born and raised in Toloha, Tanzania.  Toloha is a rural village in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania (near the border of TZ and Kenya).  Daniel was the last born in his family with 2 older brothers and an older sister.  Daniel’s family raised cattle and crops for a living however when Daniel was very young all 50 of his family’s head of cattle were stolen and never returned.  Daniel’s father had no money to replace the cattle so they resorted to farming as their sole livelihood.  By the time Daniel reached the age of 4 or 5, his siblings had all left the village of Toloha for various reasons (education, jobs, etc).  Daniel’s mother often left the village for months at a time to visit with his sister in the city, leaving Daniel and his father alone in the village. Daniel was left with responsibilities such as gathering firewood, cooking meals, farming and fetching water all while trying to attend primary school.   “It was difficult to manage school because of food – sometimes I did not get to go to school because of other things I had to do…” commented Daniel. “I grew up a very destitute life, a life where you don’t know if you will get a meal or if you will have a better future or if you will even see tomorrow.”  Daniel knows what it means to be hungry, thirsty, hopeless and without Christ. Once Daniel completed primary school his brother invited him to move to the city to continue his education.  Daniel’s brother paid his school fees but soon Daniel’s brother was transferred to another city for his work.  Daniel then had to be enrolled in a boarding school, which was much more expensive.  Daniel’s brother continued to pay his school fees although there were times when Daniel was expelled from school because of lack of money.  Daniel’s brother always found a way to help Daniel return to school and after overcoming much adversity Daniel completed his secondary education in 1991! Please look for Part 2 of Daniel’s story...

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Real Thirst

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As my mom and I were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight I said: “I have got to have some water…I’m about to die of thirst.” I immediately stopped. I couldn’t believe I had said that. My thoughts instantly ventured to Toloha, Tanzania, where my friends are walking 12 to 16 kilometers (~7.5 to 10 miles) to get a bucket of dirty water. Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about how often I use water – when I wash my face, take a shower, brush my teeth, cook, flush the toilet, wash the car, water the lawn, or need to quench my thirst. There are so many things I do each and every day that involve water and yet I take it for granted and say things like, “I am about to die of thirst.” A statement that I used to say as a figure of speech but is now something that I can hardly speak without tears welling up in my eyes. The reality is that there are people that really are dying of thirst. In 2009 in Toloha, Daniel’s father died as a result of the lack of water. How many in Toloha will die this week from the lack of clean water? How many will die this month or this year from water related diseases? This is a problem that I must do something about; this is a problem that can be solved. Please consider joining us in bringing clean water and hope to a village that is desperately in need of both. ~ Katie ~  Photos by Daniel...

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The Mission

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We thought the best way to introduce the Toloha Partnership was to share our Mission Statement. It is the core of why we are praying, working, meeting, deliberating and doing everything else that comes with this partnership. This statement is a test. In every task and objective we strive to accomplish, we can ask if it follows this mission. It holds us in check and keeps us accountable. Writing this statement is one of the very first things we did as a team because we knew we needed a tangible object and vision that was succinct. Just writing down these words will drive us to accomplish each goal we set. We prayed to ask God’s direction, and as a team, this is where He led us: We hope you’ll join us! Please take a moment to look through this website. There are many ways you can partner with us! Please, please most importantly, PRAY! Thank you so much for visiting! We would love to hear from you in the comments. ~ Lindsay...

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