The villagers are digging the trench by hand.

The villagers are digging the trench by hand.

The Toloha Vision Team has been in Tanzania for over two weeks and most members will be heading back this week. So much has happened, and we will be sharing lots of photographs and details over the next few weeks right here on the blog and on our Facebook Page. Those of us back here in the States excitedly anticipate their arrival home, but for the Vision Team and villagers it will be a bittersweet departure. Below is a photo taken of the villagers digging the trench. We received this report form Burt, our engineer,

“Project is proceeding quickly!!! About 65 people per day and will finish over a kilometer by next week!”

Katie also called to report a few things. She said that portions of pipe have already been laid into the trench and covered with dirt.
The Toloha Water Board (villagers chosen to manage the water system) is taking initiative and overseeing the trenching and food-for-work program. The corn has arrived in village for the food for work agreement with the villagers. The villagers will receive food for work after a certain length of pipe is finished.
One morning, the team was awakened to the sound of the villagers getting 3 oxen to pull the pipe off the spools down the trenchline. The villagers are so excited to get the pipe in the ground, and even the animals are helping to get it done!

Praise God for all the work that is being done! Continue to pray for the villagers as they finish this task and our team as they travel on Thursday.



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