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My trip to Toloha Village this year was quite different than any other trip I have ever made to Tanzania. This trip made me feel more optimistic, encouraged and excited. It brought back all the memories of my vision for my people: To bring them clean water, build a clinic, church, and orphanage, advance education, and make sanitation improvements.
Also, this was the first time I was joined by my Christian brothers from the USA who have a strong desire to help my people in the village. They have made a commitment to initiate a long-term partnership with the villagers. They are joining me to share the burden that I have been carrying for almost 12 years now.
When we arrived at the village, the whole village was shaken and almost everyone came out to meet us. The people in the village were happy to see me back home again, and even more excited that I was not alone. The villagers were anxious, happy, and eager to meet these Americans who made the journey with me because our USA team had spoken with many of the villagers prior to our trip on conference calls from the USA. They knew of our desire to help them.
The welcome smiles in some of the photos can justify my words. The village had organized cooks and donated food, goats, sheep and so many more things that I don’t have time to mention them all here. To me, it was a joyous day in the village. In fact, I couldn’t believe that it was really happening! I wanted to cry, but I refrained from bursting into tears. In our culture, we are taught to be strong in many situations so not to show weaknesses and that it is culturally unacceptable to cry in public. I thanked everyone who came to meet us. It was such a strong and energetic welcome. I will never forget this day as long as I live.
Some of the villagers told me, “Now, Daniel, we have believed that you have not forgotten us and your village. We hope many young men and women from the village who live in town and in cities in Tanzania or outside the country will follow your footsteps.” 
One older gentleman in the village said to me, “Daniel, it is better if God takes me home first and lets you live longer to help the people in the villages across this country.”
What amazing stories from the villagers! Now, I see the rainbow of hope coming up from far beyond the clouds. I pray to God that everyone in the village can live to see this rainbow of hope. The hope of getting clean water in the village, the hope of bringing revival to the village, the hope of a better future for everyone in the village, and this hope will shine like a morning star from Toloha village – the Kilimanjaro region – to other villages in Tanzania and across Africa.
May God make it happen someday!
“Kumbuka Kijijini”
Remember the Village
Daniel Makoko is native to Toloha Village and now lives in Greenville, North Carolina. He arrived in North Carolina 12 years ago and began telling the story of his village. Read more of his story here and here.

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