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Pray for the Team!

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“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”” Isaiah 52:7 2014 Toloha Vision Team Members: Left to Right – Daniel, Joshua, Burt, Jonathan, Scott, Ashely, Katie, Brooke, Parker, Joseph & Perry We have been sharing specific prayer requests for our Vision Team while they have been traveling and are in Tanzania. We ask anyone who would like to pray with us for our team! Here is the first list of requests: Prayer Guide for the Vision Team. Please continuing praying! Please pray for the team that: God would be glorified by EVERY aspect of the trip. Trip dates: 6/28-7/21, Daniel & Joshua stay through 8/4. Each one on the team, as well as the Tanzanians with whom they work and share, would have a personal and powerful encounter with God. The unconditional love of God would radiate in and through each team member. All on the trip would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. God would give the team strength and good health throughout the trip. God would protect and provide for family members back home. Team members would make quick adjustments to time and culture changes. God would put a hedge of protection around the entire trip. Divine appointments from beginning to end. (Read a little about the 2014 trip here, and here, and the 2013 trip here, here, here, and here). Receive 2014 Vision Team Trip updatess * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last...

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Prayer Guide for the Vision Team

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Today at noon, the Vision Team left Kinston and began the journey to Toloha, Tanzania. It is amazing to think that within days our team will get to see with their own eyes the new pipe in Toloha. This trip will be so much different than the last one now that the hope of clean water is becoming a reality to the villagers (Read a little about the 2014 trip here, and the 2013 trip here, here, here, and here). We are so excited to share with you first hand about what’s happening in Toloha for the next month. In the meantime, we have a request. Last Sunday, our Vision Team was commissioned by Grace Fellowship Church. We would like to ask for anyone who would like to join them in prayer to pray for these specific things. We will be posting specific requests over the next few days. First, we have some requests regarding the water project. Please pray for the water project: God would guide Burt, Perry, and their team as they assess and construct the spring-fed pipeline and as they assess other infrastructure needs of the village. Villagers would feel a sense of their worth to God and to us as they partner with us in the construction of the pipeline. Dealings with the government officials and village leadership would be free from dissension and controversy and that the water project would help to create goodwill and unity among all parties for God’s glory. The repair of the intake area would proceed smoothly and efficiently. God would provide clean and healthy water to the village soon but within His perfect timing.  Thank you so much for your prayers! If you would like to receive special prayer requests and updates during the trip, please fill out the form below. “For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.”I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” II Cor 6:2 Receive 2014 Vision Team Trip updatess * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last...

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The Wait is OVER!!!

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Bringing clean water to Toloha has proven to be a test of patience for all parties involved. Toloha Partnership has been actively seeking to bring clean water to Toloha for over 2 years, Daniel has been working in the U.S. to accomplish this for over 10 years and some of the villagers of Toloha have been waiting their entire lives. The wait is now over! The hard labor is about to begin. A “lorry” (a.k.a. a delivery truck) carrying 2 km (1.24 miles) of pipe is on its way to Toloha as I am writing this. I cannot express the emotions that our board, Daniel or the people of Toloha are feeling right now. God is so good. God has remembered the village. The fact that we did not meet our initial goal of breaking ground in January just means our human calculations are nothing compared to God’s timing. God knows what he is doing here and He has been working all these years to show his immeasurable compassion and grace to the people of Toloha, Daniel, and every single person involved in this initiative. Thank you! Today, we want to thank you all. Every person who has prayed, given money, gotten out there to fundraise, carried water, travelled to Toloha from Germany, the US, Dar es Salaam, repaired the pipe for so many years, shared with us your hopes and dreams and kept them alive all these years. God has worked through all of you! And this does not stop with water. God is pouring the water of eternal life into Toloha. Praise God with Us! Please take a moment with us today and praise God for what has and is happening in Toloha! Praise the Lord! We give all the glory to God! We will be sharing photos of the pipes and the work being done soon, so please check back! Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the comment section below! We would love to hear from...

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Why Not a Well?

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Why not a Well? Many people have asked us why we are not choosing to drill a well in Toloha to meet the villager’s need for clean water.  So we say, “actually, boreholes have been drilled, but a well is just not possible in Toloha.” World Bank has drilled three boreholes, but all three were unsuccessful. Two were dry and the other was unfit for human consumption. There are 5,000 people who need water in Toloha, which would mean drilling several more boreholes and still only meeting the existing need and not considering population growth. Believe it or not, Toloha IS a growing community even without clean water. “So what are the Villagers of Toloha doing to get water?” they ask. “They have to have water to survive, right?” One available source of water is surface water. The villagers will walk 5 km to Lake Jipe. The water in Lake Jipe is filthy –  wild animals bathe in it and drink it. It is just not safe as is. We considered piping and filtering water from Lake Jipe. However, it is at a lower elevation and would be much more difficult to pump than the source we have chosen to use. They will also travel up to 8 km to other villages to get their water, but will have to wait in line for hours until the residents fill their containers. There is one other way the villagers get water, a gravity-fed system from a mountain stream. It was constructed in 1952 by the British and used by the people of Toloha and surrounding villages for several decades.  Currently, it is in total disrepair.  The entire underground pipe system is so corroded that it has pitted and rusted away.  Cattle will walk over the pipe puncturing it with their hooves.  Right now, the villagers will travel to the end of the existing gravity fed system (for some it is 5 km from their homes) and gather water there. They will pull a pipe from the system out of the ground and allow it to slowly flow into their containers. There are times when the water barely drips from the pipe, and it is not even clean water by the time it reaches this point. This is the main source of water for the village, but in its current condition, does not come close to meeting the water needs for the 5,000 villagers. We’ve chosen to repair the gravity fed piped water system because, once it has the proper new pipes, it will be the best long-term, cost-effective and sustainable option possible. The spring fed mountain stream, has proven to be extremely reliable year round – in the rainy season and the dry season. The village had been using this system for decades until it began to rust and become corroded.  We plan to repair and upgrade the existing system to provide enough water for 12,000 people and their livestock. We want this system to sustain the village for at least two decades and possibly more. The villagers are eager for this change. One day soon, it will become a reality. Will you join us in making it...

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Daniel Returns to Toloha

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My trip to Toloha Village this year was quite different than any other trip I have ever made to Tanzania. This trip made me feel more optimistic, encouraged and excited. It brought back all the memories of my vision for my people: To bring them clean water, build a clinic, church, and orphanage, advance education, and make sanitation improvements. Also, this was the first time I was joined by my Christian brothers from the USA who have a strong desire to help my people in the village. They have made a commitment to initiate a long-term partnership with the villagers. They are joining me to share the burden that I have been carrying for almost 12 years now. When we arrived at the village, the whole village was shaken and almost everyone came out to meet us. The people in the village were happy to see me back home again, and even more excited that I was not alone. The villagers were anxious, happy, and eager to meet these Americans who made the journey with me because our USA team had spoken with many of the villagers prior to our trip on conference calls from the USA. They knew of our desire to help them. The welcome smiles in some of the photos can justify my words. The village had organized cooks and donated food, goats, sheep and so many more things that I don’t have time to mention them all here. To me, it was a joyous day in the village. In fact, I couldn’t believe that it was really happening! I wanted to cry, but I refrained from bursting into tears. In our culture, we are taught to be strong in many situations so not to show weaknesses and that it is culturally unacceptable to cry in public. I thanked everyone who came to meet us. It was such a strong and energetic welcome. I will never forget this day as long as I live. Some of the villagers told me, “Now, Daniel, we have believed that you have not forgotten us and your village. We hope many young men and women from the village who live in town and in cities in Tanzania or outside the country will follow your footsteps.”  One older gentleman in the village said to me, “Daniel, it is better if God takes me home first and lets you live longer to help the people in the villages across this country.” What amazing stories from the villagers! Now, I see the rainbow of hope coming up from far beyond the clouds. I pray to God that everyone in the village can live to see this rainbow of hope. The hope of getting clean water in the village, the hope of bringing revival to the village, the hope of a better future for everyone in the village, and this hope will shine like a morning star from Toloha village – the Kilimanjaro region – to other villages in Tanzania and across Africa. May God make it happen someday! “Kumbuka Kijijini” Remember the Village Daniel Makoko is native to Toloha Village and now lives in Greenville, North Carolina. He arrived in North Carolina 12 years ago and began telling the story of his village. Read more of his story here and...

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Back in the USA!

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It has been an amazing month for the Toloha Partnership! We had our first team trip to Toloha and everyone will be back in the states this week. Our Assessment team came back at the end of June and Daniel comes back today! We also had our first fund-raising and awareness initiative in partnership with the Erasing the Lines (ETL) annual event in Kinston! (Read about ETL here.) Plus, we have t-shirts! We have so much exciting news and we will be blogging about it all right here. There’s so much to share that we almost don’t know where to start, so this is a little teaser of what’s to come. There is a lot of teamwork going on right now! Currently our engineering team is getting bids for the pipeline that will be used to distribute our water source, and they are organizing all of the research and information from their trip to get a finalized design for the clean water project. Our fundraising team is planning an exciting fundraising and awareness events for this Fall and Spring in Kinston and Greenville. We also have Tanzanian-made merchandise to sell along with our very own Toloha Partnership t-shirts that made their debut at ETL. Photos coming soon! We will need lots of volunteers for fundraising events, so if you are interested, please contact us here. I am putting together a very informative e-newsletter with all of the details for our clean water project and prayer requests. So if you haven’t yet, please sign up for the e-newsletter here. In the meantime, here are some images from the team trip to Toloha taken by our Team Videographer, Joshua Spear and some images I took from Erasing the Lines. There are soooo many more photos that we will be sharing along with some blog posts from our Assessment team so make sure to check back soon! Thank you so much for your support! God is doing amazing things in Toloha and here in the USA to show us his love in miraculous ways. Toloha, Tanzania Erasing the Lines, Kinston, NC,...

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