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An amazing gift from a group of children

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Passion, determination and generosity along with child-like faith can do BIG things!  This year the volunteers from Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Grace Fellowship Church in Kinston, NC graciously adopted Toloha Partnership as their mission with 100% of the offering going to support our cause.  During the week of VBS, the children were encouraged to bring in change and any money they could raise in order to help the village of Toloha gain access to clean water and the Gospel.   One of the focuses of VBS was missions and I was blessed to be a part of the “Missions” corner. We began the week by talking about different missions – missions your parent’s give you (i.e. clean your room), secret missions, as well as the mission that Jesus gave us right before He ascended to heaven.  This mission, or commission, as we often call it is found in Matthew 28:19-20. “Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  Basically we are to tell everyone, everywhere that Jesus loves them!   On day one, we began with a little object lesson – The children were all seated on our pretend “airplane” and I asked one child to leave the room.  The other children were all given a chocolate chip cookie representing God’s love.  But we had one cookie left – it was meant for the child who was no longer in the room.  The kids tried to get her to come back in the room without leaving the room themselves.  They tried yelling, hiding and then yelling even louder, but it just wouldn’t work.  They finally concluded they must leave the room and GO and find their friend and TELL her that Jesus loves her (give her the cookie).  What a neat picture – in order to fulfill the mission Jesus has given us we must GO and tell others the good news! On day two, we boarded our airplane and took off for Toloha, Tanzania! We “met” (via a photograph at this point) a new friend named Daniel and discovered what the village looks like, what kind of animals are around, and 2 issues that Toloha is facing.  We learned that the people are in need of clean water and that they don’t know Jesus loves them.  The kids were given a chance to pick up (or try to pick up) 5 gallons of water. This is the approximate amount a woman carries in the developing world and is equivalent to 40lbs!  The children also learned that many women carry the water on their heads – the kids tried to do this too! On the third day, we recycled an empty water bottle into a reminder to pray for the village of Toloha.  The students filled a water bottle with dirty water and decorated a label that simply said “Toloha.”  The kids were challenged to place their bottle of water in their house to remind them to pray for the people in the village. For the next two days, we focused on other missionaries that were sent out by Grace Fellowship – Randy and Janet Adams in Taiwan and Chris and Carrie Himes who are leaving next month to minister with South American Mission (SAM) in Recife, Brazil. Although, we were not actively teaching about Toloha for the last few days of VBS, the children constantly had their new friend,...

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Back in the USA!

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It has been an amazing month for the Toloha Partnership! We had our first team trip to Toloha and everyone will be back in the states this week. Our Assessment team came back at the end of June and Daniel comes back today! We also had our first fund-raising and awareness initiative in partnership with the Erasing the Lines (ETL) annual event in Kinston! (Read about ETL here.) Plus, we have t-shirts! We have so much exciting news and we will be blogging about it all right here. There’s so much to share that we almost don’t know where to start, so this is a little teaser of what’s to come. There is a lot of teamwork going on right now! Currently our engineering team is getting bids for the pipeline that will be used to distribute our water source, and they are organizing all of the research and information from their trip to get a finalized design for the clean water project. Our fundraising team is planning an exciting fundraising and awareness events for this Fall and Spring in Kinston and Greenville. We also have Tanzanian-made merchandise to sell along with our very own Toloha Partnership t-shirts that made their debut at ETL. Photos coming soon! We will need lots of volunteers for fundraising events, so if you are interested, please contact us here. I am putting together a very informative e-newsletter with all of the details for our clean water project and prayer requests. So if you haven’t yet, please sign up for the e-newsletter here. In the meantime, here are some images from the team trip to Toloha taken by our Team Videographer, Joshua Spear and some images I took from Erasing the Lines. There are soooo many more photos that we will be sharing along with some blog posts from our Assessment team so make sure to check back soon! Thank you so much for your support! God is doing amazing things in Toloha and here in the USA to show us his love in miraculous ways. Toloha, Tanzania Erasing the Lines, Kinston, NC,...

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We Walk So They Won’t Have To

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Toloha Partnership has been given the incredible opportunity of partnering with Son Set Ministries for one of their annual camps, Erasing the Lines (ETL).  ETL is a week in which middle school and high school students from local churches in Eastern NC gather to spend the week serving and showing Jesus to the community.  This week (July 17-21) ETL is celebrating their 10th year with over 165 students participating.   When the students arrive they are broken into small groups (mixed ages/genders/churches) of about 10 students with a college or young adult leader.   Groups are assigned varying work projects each morning and afternoon.  Toloha Partnership is leading one of those work projects — we are leading the “water walk” this week! You may be thinking, what is a water walk?  I am glad you asked!  The concept is very simple but the results are enormous.  Groups are educated about the water situation in much of the developing world and then they are issued a challenge.  Students are challenged to take a walk in the shoes of women and children who walk miles each day to gather life’s basic necessity – water.  It looks a little something like this: Students fill up water jugs Students carry the water back to Rochelle Middle School (2.4 miles) where the camp is based. Along the way students have an opportunity to raise awareness by sharing with others what they are doing and why they are doing it.  The students get it — they share about the need for physical water to flow as well as the living water of Jesus Christ.  In Toloha, TZ, 56% of the Pare people claim Islam while 40% claim Christianity.   Someone has graciously agreed to donate $1 to Toloha Partnership for each gallon of water the students tote back to Rochelle.  Each group is challenged to bring back at least 25 gallons – the groups from Tuesday exceeded this toting 33.4 and 35.5 gallons!  That is a lot of water…especially when it weighs ~8 pounds per gallon! It is certainly hard work but when these students hear that people are walking 6+ miles to gather dirty water, nothing will stop them from doing what they can to be a part of the solution. This is just the start — check back for updates and more pictures later this week!...

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Assessment Team Update!

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Sunday was an incredible and much anticipated day!  It was a day the Toloha Partnership team has anxiously awaited and a day Daniel has been longing for almost 12 years!  It was the day the first team departed from Kinston, NC to travel to Toloha Village in Tanzania to begin, what we hope to be, a long-term partnership.   Perry, Daniel, Josh and Burt The Assessment Team consists of Daniel Makoko (native of Toloha Village), Burt Rudolph (project engineer) and team members Perry Rudolph and Joshua Spear. Sunday night at 11:25 pm the team flew out of Washington, DC to Istanbul,Turkey and then onto Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania.  Perry and Josh on board the flight headed for Istanbul, Turkey After many flights and hopefully a lot of sleep, the team arrived safely in Dar es Salaam.  The team spent a few days meeting with potential partners in the capital city and then traveled toward the village (10 hours + from the capital city).  On Thursday the team arrived in Toloha Village and were greeted with a joyous welcome from the villagers! That is all the information I have for now but I can’t wait to get more updates, details and pictures.  I will post as soon as I hear more! Please continue to pray for the following: Strong relationships with the community leaders/members Relationships with the local church in Toloha  Water project logistics (surveying, water tests, water committees)  For Jesus to shine brightly through the team members as they interact with the locals Energy and...

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It’s GO Time!

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Last May we began meeting and actively seeking God’s face for how we could be a part of Daniel’s story and a part of what the Lord is doing in Toloha, TZ.  Now, just over a year since those prayer meetings, we are thrilled that an Assessment Team of four is leaving TOMORROW (Sunday June, 9th 2013) to go to Daniel’s home village of Toloha, TZ! I think these words from Daniel truly sum up our team’s sentiments: “Oh my Lord, it is real now!  I did not believe if someday this would happen.  A hope for getting clean water to my people in the village — I will always adore You (God) and testify to Your power before Your people wherever I go and you will always be my God.” The Lord has been so sweet and so very present throughout this past year.  I would love to share all the ways we’ve seen the Lord and how He has truly led us step by step to get us to this point (maybe in a future blog post)!  A year ago we thought we’d drill a couple of boreholes and the village would have clean water within the year.  Now we are looking at repairing a mountain spring gravity feed system which is an extensive undertaking but one we know the Lord will see to the end. There have been many times that it would have been easiest to give up, throw in the towel and believe it couldn’t be done.  But, the Lord keeps showing up — over and over and over again.  There is no denying that He has been the one leading this adventure and we can’t wait to see where He leads next. Will you be praying for our team as they travel?  Here are a few specific things you can be praying for over the next two weeks: Safe travels, on-time flights, checked baggage to make it to TZ, accommodations and travel while in country Productive meetings/favor with government officials, non-governmental organizations (similar to non profits here in the USA), village leaders and village committees Health, good rest and energy Opportunities to share Jesus/encourage the church God’s leading/wisdom/discernment  We hope to post multiple times over the coming weeks as we hear news from the team in Tanzania!  Please please please be praying! “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”  Ephesians...

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