Assessment Team Update!

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Sunday was an incredible and much anticipated day!  It was a day the Toloha Partnership team has anxiously awaited and a day Daniel has been longing for almost 12 years!  It was the day the first team departed from Kinston, NC to travel to Toloha Village in Tanzania to begin, what we hope to be, a long-term partnership.  
Perry, Daniel, Josh and Burt
The Assessment Team consists of Daniel Makoko (native of Toloha Village), Burt Rudolph (project engineer) and team members Perry Rudolph and Joshua Spear.

Sunday night at 11:25 pm the team flew out of Washington, DC to Istanbul,Turkey and then onto Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania. 
Perry and Josh on board the flight headed for Istanbul, Turkey
After many flights and hopefully a lot of sleep, the team arrived safely in Dar es Salaam.  The team spent a few days meeting with potential partners in the capital city and then traveled toward the village (10 hours + from the capital city).  On Thursday the team arrived in Toloha Village and were greeted with a joyous welcome from the villagers!
That is all the information I have for now but I can’t wait to get more updates, details and pictures.  I will post as soon as I hear more!
Please continue to pray for the following:
  • Strong relationships with the community leaders/members
  • Relationships with the local church in Toloha
  •  Water project logistics (surveying, water tests, water committees) 
  • For Jesus to shine brightly through the team members as they interact with the locals
  • Energy and health

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