We just talked on the phone with Burt, Ashely, Josh, and Joseph. They are brimming with joy and excitement about what God has done so far during their first few days in the village! So far, every single day on this trip has been filled with so much adventure and excitement. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

  • As we were speaking at about 5 pm (in the village), they were having a July 4th party along with the villagers!
  • The team also showed the Jesus Film to the villagers on the 4th of July and forty folks came!  The Gospel was clearly shared!
  • The villagers broke ground on the trenches for the pipe Thursday after a very productive and unifying meeting with the water board. They dug 100 meters all day for free (no food for work compensation) to symbolize their commitment to the project and partnership, and they were able to get a lot accomplished.
  • The team climbed to the intake site yesterday. It was a rugged climb, but they made it. Even though there is plenty of water work to be done, great progress has been made. The water committee met yesterday with lots of clapping going on. Every meeting so far has exceeded our expectation. The food for work plan starts Monday. 
  • Burt was very enthusiastic about how the Lord has worked and ordered the process in a miraculous way so far. Keep praying for this to be a smooth and constructive process and for it to build unity and God’s love amongst everyone involved.
  • Josh led a ministry meeting with a group of about 10-12 Christians and some from our team to begin talking about the state of the church there in Toloha and discipleship through Bible study and housechurch. These villagers were very enthusiastic about their first Bible study using the Mini-Bible College audio Bible and lessons with 10 or 12 folks on Monday! Please pray specifically for that meeting that these precious people would continue to grow in Christ and in their knowledge and understanding of His Word to the glory of God.
  • Ashely said that our team members were having some fun soccer games out in the field with the local children. She said all on the team are healthy and in good spirits.
  • The village elders gave the team a gift of chickens and eggs, which was such a generous gift and was amazed our team.
  • Ashely, Brooke and Katie have also been able to spend a lot of time with the women of the village learning about their daily routine.

Every team member plays a vital role. God has knitted it all together. God is good and answers prayers! Thanks be to God! KEEP PRAYING FOR ALL!

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