$35,000 raised for Clean Water

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We are now $35,000 closer to bringing clean water to Toloha!!!! 

On Saturday night, 120 guests and 22 volunteers gathered for a banquet to raise money and awareness about our clean water project. God did this! I want to scream it from the mountains. He is showing his love for the people of Toloha and the people of Kinston and Greenville, North Carolina USA. He has invited us together to take part with him in this project to reach a solution that he has planned since the beginning of time.

 We have much more planned to reach our goal of $170,000 to complete the project within the next 18-24 months. It will happen.

If you would like updates on the water project and other aspects of Toloha Partnership, please sign up for our newsletter and email updates here. You can also donate here to be part of the solution.

This is the video we shared with our guests at the banquet. It gives a look into Who Toloha is, Why we chose Toloha, and What the water situation is like there and what we propose to do to solve the problem.

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